Zenith Rising: A Story for Our Times

                ZENITH RISING

From its stunning opening scene of a police raid gone tragically awry, to its heart-breaking conclusion, "Zenith Rising" tells the story of a dying city. Yet once that city was a world leader in manufacturing and technological innovation.

Once Zenith's future was limited only by the size of its dreams.

Though the years stripped away its promise, the people of Zenith didn't share equally in its decline. For some, the wealth garnered during the glory years insulated them from the city's struggles. Others sought to suck the last bit of life, and profit, from the dying city, while a few, a lonely few, saw things as they were and vowed to change them.

 Michael Goodell has given us a compelling tale ripped from today's headlines. By means of a riveting plot and vivid characters, he presents a challenge every American must confront.

Paper or Hard Cover